a Modest Collection of Works

Above you will find a quaint collection of student works, both from my studies in Richmond, Virginia's VCU, where i graduated in Crafts/Material Studies, and from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Urbino, where i specialized in Sculpture...! I've included a few works from after graduation, from internships, and from professional commissions. Also, be sure to check out some pics of the First Solo Show i had at SmartRevolution Gallery, here in VR, Italy.

Below, you'll find some links to a short video i made for a course at the Accademia d'Urbino, as well as a kind of 'how to' video on making steel-tongue-drums.

Manufactotum's TankDrum!


Our special line of Steel-Tongue Drums!!!

the Mu Box

Film & Video

Malo Mori

a short film by Me

Making Tank Drums

A quick "how it's made" i threw together

When Galaxies Collide

A sample of my 'starry night' Tank drum to quaint images of colliding galaxies

Curriculum Vitæ

Just a few of the odds & ends i've been up to in past years. In resume form.... just because. E possibile avere il mio CV pure in italiano!

English.PDF Italian.pdf

Illustrated Catalogue

Below you'll find a more comprehensive animation of both my student and professional work. Assignments, commissions, and just fun projects! A version of the same "Illustrated Catalogue" can be downloaded here as a PDF file.

View Presentation!


MANUFACTOTUM's Seal of approval

I.H.S.F.µBox Shield

Be it here declared, that wheresoever shall you see the sigil of MANUFACTOTUM, or the names of her craftsmen, Hannibal N. McGennis, Nathaniel G. Campbell, or any other seal, crest, or stamp thereof, shall you be an 102 percent satisfied- guarenteed! Any shortcomings, defaults, or defects of the craft, or craftsmanship* shall be immediately rectified by the craftsman, at his own expense (minus shipping, should it apply).


Crest Colour Crest InurruptedLamniscate
Including: (from left to right) the MANUFACTOTUM Cartouche, the Crest of the Eight-Way'd-Fist, and the Novvekiam Inturrupted Lamniscate. (Above) the µ[sic] Box winged shield.



*some imperfections are signature of handmade craft and should not be considered 'defects'.